Carols and candles to reflect by

Beautiful voices of the Winchelsea Church Choir
Winchelsea Church Choir sang beautifully

In my third attendance at a carol service this month, I visited the beautiful church of St Thomas the Martyr in Winchelsea on December 21. By the time I arrived there were few seats left, as had been the case at the other two services, one in St Mary, Rye, and the other, with the Ryesingers, at East Guldeford.

In support for the victims of the Berliner attack in the Christmas Market 19.12.16 we pass on the candle in solidarity in the fight against terrorism.Whether an individual is religious or not, it is always uplifting to sing carols and the Winchelsea Church Choir added to the pleasure. Each of us had the opportunity to receive a candle which gave the church a lovely atmosphere and warmth.

While in the church I received this message (left) on my mobile. I don’t know who sent it but it seemed somehow appropriate, reflecting on the victims and families of all attacks, anywhere in the world and I wanted to share it.

Translation: “In support for the victims of the Berlin attack in the Christmas Market, December 19, 2016, we pass on the candle in solidarity to fight terrorism.”





Photos: Heidi Foster

Image Credits: Rye News library .

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