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On Monday the 12th of September Andrew J Daniels, former performer with Ryesingers, left a gathering of family, friends and supporters at Hastings Pier to cycle the 1,200 miles to his current home in Spain and raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK. What followed was two weeks and three days of high adventure including being greeted in Seaford by the town cryer, the joys of the French cycle route system, dragging the bike through one and a half miles of sand in the Gironde, finding himself in the middle of a forest fire, climbing to the top of the Pyrenees to avoid the cycle-excluding main road and carrying the bike over a river on a series of irregular stepping stones. Setting off at 08.00 each morning, Andrew covered an average of seventy miles per day. The weather was very kind, only raining once, allowing him to appreciate the stunning beauty of the UK, France and Spain. Arriving home energised and enthused, Andrew raised over £5,000 and would like to thank the people of Rye who generously donated. He will now spend the Autumn writing a book about his cycle journey and the journey of life he shared with his foster son Matt who lived with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and to whose memory the challenge is dedicated.

Image Credits: Andrew Daniels .

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  1. Andrew what a journey. I am sure you didn’t expect all the diverse challeanges when we all said goodbye to you on Hastings Pier. Great to read about your journey and how much you raised.


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