Changes on Cinque Ports Street


Nothing stays the same for long in the business world. Some businesses buck the trend, but priorities change, and at some point the time arrives when retirement  beckons and its time to do something else. Such is the case with Cinque Ports Antiques in Cinque Ports Street where posters in the window confirm that the shop is closing due to retirement.

A hand written sign should appeal to bargain hunters.

It’s sad to see an established business close but hopefully, exciting times ahead for its owners looking forward to a more leisurely time. Good news for bargain hunters as the closure means that most items are available at half price but hurry, they won’t be around for long.

Further along Cinque Ports Street there is another change, the Christmas shop (next to Bargain Box) which has been vacant for some time now is undergoing a refurbishment and will  be opening as Watermans, specialising in quality leather goods. It is good news that another business is opening and breathing new life into that parade of shops, and good too to see one of the many vacant shops in the town occupied once more.

The former Christmas Shop is currently undergoing a transformation.

In these changing and challenging times life carries on, albeit in a different fashion, and once the dust has settled and normal service has been resumed, we hope that local businesses will continue to be supported.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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