Chasing Ice, a must see film


On Monday July 25 the Kino screened an extraordinary and important film – Chasing Ice. It received the News and Documentary Emmy® Award for Outstanding Nature Programming..

An amazing documentary
An amazing documentary

James Balog, the acclaimed environmental photographer, headed out with an international technical team  to Greenland, Alaska and Iceland in order to capture images of the ice melting and to help convey the effects of global warming. Initially, James himself had been a sceptic about global warming but after his first trip north he became convinced of the impact humans have on the planet.

It was not an easy journey and a great feat which they achieved with their cameras, put up on the glaciers in all of the above countries to photograph the demise of the ice. The videos were amazing to watch but also worrying, especially the data that the glaciers have been reducing in the last 10 years as much as they have reduced in 100 years before.

It is too difficult to do justice with words of what James Balog visually achieved with this project. I urge anyone who reads this to go on the website and have a look at the videos.

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