Constant beauty loosens lockdown


Last Thursday, November 5, was the first day of the second UK lockdown and many asked what does it mean this time for individuals, care homes, hospitals, people losing their jobs, and families who have no outside space. And in the end each person decides the best possible way of dealing with the daily task to survive and protect themselves and others from Covid-19.

Some are lucky enough to get out into nature, including this reporter. It was the perfect weather for a walk or bike ride to Camber on the cycle path, which is much safer than the busy road – and the scenery on the way to Camber is nature at its best.

And, it being a week-day, the beach was not crowded except for a few people taking their dogs for a run. However, even on a not so busy day, a responsible individual managed to collect a sack full of rubbish on the beach.

But it was surprising to see a woman swimming in the cold sea, eventually walking out into the sunshine. The well known Kit Kat cafe is not open at the moment, but a stall is nearby which sells coffee/tea and some food to take away.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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  1. Kit kat was serving hot food takeaways yesterday, only the outside tables are out of bounds so you have to sit on the wall, which is fine.


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