Experiencing Japanese cuisine first hand


Having interviewed Yuri last week about her style of restaurant and cuisine, my husband Martin and I went to experience Yuri’s pop-up restaurant in person on Saturday, May 21. Shoes off at the door and then a warm welcome from Yuri and Andrew who were busy preparing the delicious delicacies that were to be served almost endlessly throughout the evening.

There were twenty people enjoying the experience. Some came in groups and others joined tables with strangers and made new friends, drawn together by the act of sharing platters.
There was a wonderful atmosphere and you could hear the chatter of people discussing the different tastes that they were enjoying and exchanging thoughts on what were people’s favourites.

We were able to watch Yuri and Andrew at work and the platters were colourful and very neatly presented. In between courses Andrew and Yuri came to discuss with us how we were enjoying the flavours. It gave us an opportunity to find out more about the ingredients and how they had been prepared. Hannah, who was waitressing, has worked alongside them since the start. She came to try some of the dishes when Yuri was just beginning and is totally hooked.

Rebecca Flintham and her husband and son enjoyed their visit to the pop-up restaurant experience. She said: “Fantastic evening! Delicious Japanese food with dishes I had never tried before. The tofu was superb; just slightly crispy on the outside and then soft and velvety inside, it was elevated to something that felt like a delicacy. Our nine-year old loved the sea salted edamame beans and showed us the best method of opening them. Such a vast selection of dishes for us all to try and discuss. It was wonderful. I was apprehensive about sharing our table with ’strangers’ but the food and the warm atmosphere made us all feel like friends sharing a memorable evening together within minutes. I highly recommend Yuri’s Pop Up: great fun!”


Image Credits: Kt Bruce .

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