Don’t bin it, bring it


Many of us have things in our homes which we no longer want or use, but we feel are too good to throw away. These things sit around, sometimes for years  and usually end up being thrown in the bin. The Recycle Swap Shop is run by St Mary’s Ecology and Transition Rye to let people recycle such unwanted items to others rather than throw them away.

The way it works is that you bring your items to the hall and leave them there for others to take away.  At the same time, you can look around and see if there is anything you’d like to take away yourself! You are welcome to just bring stuff, or just take stuff – or just come and browse and have some free refreshments and a chat. This is a social event too, where everyone wins. Takers get stuff for free; we all meet other local  families for a Saturday morning chat and we put less rubbish in land-fill, helping the environment and saving tax-payers’ money. Anything left over will be disposed of through Rye Freegle and  charity shops, as appropriate.

There are a few rules and regs:
Bring items as early as poss, certainly before 10.15am
All items must be from domestic (not commercial) sources
Bring only items that can easily be carried by one person
Nothing illegal or dangerous (sharp knives, weapons, etc)
No mains electrical items
No pets or livestock
And, finally, no rubbish.

Bulky items, like bikes or furniture, are best recycled through Rye Freegle.

Please don’t bring anything that really is no good to anyone. The Recycle Swap Shop is run a small group of volunteers and we don’t want to end up with a whole room full of rubbish to take to the dump!

May 21 is the next date. Please put it in your diary and bring along all those things you haven’t used in years and, if you’re honest, are never going to.

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