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As winter winds and rain continue to make themselves felt, going out – even for a good and permitted reason – is not popular, so a postcard shoved through my door a few days ago advertising a new service was very welcome.

Having had a takeaway service for a while (I am told), Rye’s award winning micropub The Water Works is now doing home deliveries – and last weekend there was a knock on my front door with mine host (suitably masked) David Roder clutching two large, sealed plastic quart bottles of Sussex Vintage Cider – said to be 8%, so I drank it carefully (by my standards anyway)!

To discover what can be delivered (the same day if ordered by 3pm) check out his website, and order – or telephone the hotline 01797 224110. And indeed seeing a friendly face in the dark (even if only for a brief moment) was very welcome.

And the cider reminded me of South Devon where I retired to first before moving to Rye (though my last year of work was an MP type weekly commute from the West Country to Whitehall, staying three or four nights near Arsenal’s occasionally very, very noisy stadium).

Straw bonus in Devon cider

Down there, the Saturday market in Totnes hosted a number of local cider makers from the slopes of Dartmoor whose products were all at the 8% max (or thereabouts) and there was also a farmer near Paignton who produced cider in very large plastic boxes (two gallon I think) often containing a straw or apple peel bonus!

And the cider bar in a back street near Newton Abbot station (while waiting for the lunchtime Pullman dining car to Paddington) had straw bales for seats, and sold a product called “Suicider” which was also 8% – because I think the tax rate changed at that point, upwards.

So a knock on my front door and some strong cider stirred up some happier memories in this difficult time, and reminded me how many businesses, shops and farms in Rye and the surrounding villages have turned to very welcome takeaway and home delivery services. Thank you all!

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. Hmm, yummy, my weekend refreshments on order. Big shout to David and his team for excellent service under such difficult circumstances!

  2. We’ve been getting our beer delivered from the Ypres – and have been for some time (surprised it hasn’t been mentioned here)!

    Will be giving Water Works a blast too, always good to support local business.


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