Ducks, no drakes


Ferry Road children’s nursery held its long-awaited charity duck race on Saturday, June 10. A large and cheerful crowd of children and parents waited for the tide on the river Tillingham to turn, before the town crier, in full voice and regalia, in spite of the heat, announced the event “bigger than the FA cup, greater than the Grand National, the Ferry Road Nursery duck race! No cheating and may the best duck win!”

Mayor, mayoress and

Assisted by the mayoress, Rebekah Gilbert and mascot dog Sophie, the mayor, Andi Rivett, helped the nursery staff and volunteers to tip enormous quantities of ducks over the bridge and into the very sluggish waters below. It took several minutes for the leaders to appear under the bridge, to a hearty cheer from the watchers above, and start a slow drift to the sluice at the Strand. The crowd then moved to enjoy the refreshments and entertainments on offer in the nursery itself.

Offering a “fun, creative, educational and safe environment” for children aged three months to five years, the nursery opens 50 weeks of the year and, in order to generate funds, holds various fundraising events of which the duck race is an important part. “That was fun wasn’t it!” was the parting shot from one of the onlookers. And the total amount raised? According to their Facebook page,  £1347.01.

Image Credits: Gillian Roder , Gillian roder .

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