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The fundraising event pictured above is for ROVTE (Rural Outreach Volunteer Training Empowerment) part of the St Leonard’s based FSN charity targeted on a range of issues around rural deprivation.
ROVTE’s courses are aimed at volunteers to give them skills and some course can lead to qualifications. Heidi Foster reports on local ROVTE activities below:
Unfortunately there was not much advertising about the computer course which I came upon by accident and was planned for three Mondays at St Mary’s Centre in Lion Street.
Tracy Noble from ROVTE was able to get Lottery money for the course, so the three Mondays were free of charge and the two I attended proved to be very useful, covering how to use the internet safely, searching the web, downloading pictures from a mobile phone, copy and paste as well as information of what to look for in terms of a secure messages.
Details of other courses can be found on the FSN website, and two are shown below.
Tracy, who assisted the teacher on my course, explained that matched funding (which is usually required by a lot of funding bodies) had to be found to continue other community projects, and for this reason she has organised the Race Night at St Mary’s Centre publicised by the poster above.
It should be great fun and tickets are available from Fletcher’s, next door to St Mary’s church.
Tracy let us know about the interesting courses below on project planning and employability which she is organising and are open for anyone who would like to get accredited with a City and Guild level 1 and 2.”

Accreditation possible

Accreditation option

Posters from Tracy Noble

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