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In the last week there has been a lot of coverage commemorating the great storm of 1987 which swept across the South East of England.

While the great storm wreaked havoc it also led to the release of wild boar from captivity from a farm near Tenterden. The once extinct animal has since re-populated the woods across the south and in the coming week Rye celebrates their re-introduction into the wild with Wild Boar Week.

The week sees over 30 restaurants across Rye, as well further afield such as Iden, Camber, Peasmarsh, and Winchelsea, celebrate all things game.

The culinary game delights will mainly take place between Friday October 20 and Sunday October 29. Highlights include a Forager’s Autumn Feast at The Gallivant on Saturday October 21 while Olde Worlde Wines will be a hot spot for food and entertainment with Kyle Tatner serving up Wild Boar Gumbo with Smoked Sausage and Smoked Prawn and Aromatic Sticky Wild Boar Belly Ribs from midday on Saturday October 21 and 28 as well as an “Afternoon of Poetry, Music and Miscellany” from 4pm on Sunday October 22. By the end of the week if you want to learn how to cook wild boar, Webbe’s will be holding a Game Cookery School on Monday November 6.

While you enjoy your tasty game pie, a number of venues will be hosting live music. The Standard Inn will see Phil Law and Friends preforming at 7pm on Wednesday October 25 and on Thursday the Mermaid Inn is hosting a jazz supper.

In addition to the food and music there are also a number of children’s activities to coincide with half term holidays. The Wild Boar Hog Hunt will take place in shop windows around town. Rye Bookshop will be hosting the Amelia Fang Story Time at 2pm on Monday October 23 and Peppa Pig Story Time at 2pm October 26. With the Boar week so close to Halloween, the bookshop will also be hosting a Mr Men Halloween Party at 11am Sunday October 29.

Now in its seventh year, this year’s Wild Boar Week is the biggest yet. Full details on all the events and participating restaurants can be found online  and, who knows, maybe next year we will see wild boars racing down the High Street.

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