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The Hospital at Rye has already had some really great fundraising events this year and the next event is in June in Winchelsea. It is currently fundraising towards the annual target of £15,000. It is vital that the hospital receives as much support as possible to help carry out its work.

Francesca Clent from Rye, Winchelsea & District Memorial Hospital explained how we can all help.

What are the funds raised going to be used for?

Patient gardening

All funds raised are put towards our ongoing programme of replacing hospital equipment, providing support to both NHS staff, to make their working life more enjoyable, and to patients, to ensure that their stay with us is as comfortable as possible. We are currently in the process of replacing riser / recliner chairs for patient rooms on our ward. We have also provided gardening equipment for patients who are able to plant seeds and nurture them during their stay with the help of our wonderful activities coordinator, Iris Leung. The Hands of Hope Charity in Hawkhurst have kindly donated some plants, seeds and pots to help us get our gardening initiative underway.

What events have you coming up in the summer?
Our next three events are the Winchelsea Open Gardens on Sunday, June 18, An Afternoon in Wonderland on Sunday, June 25 at Peasmarsh Place and our double bill Tom Hanks cinema event at Rye RFC on Wednesday, July 26. Find the posters in the gallery below.

Fundraising is of course the main aim but what else do you want to achieve with these events?
These are primarily family events as we are looking to increase awareness of the hospital’s charity and its commitment to the local community. All of the hospital charity’s fundraising events are designed to be entertaining and value for money for everyone.

What have the monies that have been raised been used for in the last few years?
We ran a fundraising campaign in our centenary year (2021) to raise money for the purchase of a mobile ‘Echo’ machine for use in our outpatients department. This was a substantial purchase for our charity totalling £40,000 and the first clinic took place in February 2022. The adult echocardiography clinic provides diagnostic imaging using ultrasound to safely make assessment of the heart’s structure and function. Referrals can be made directly from the GP or from in-hospital with the clinic reducing waiting times and providing a service closer to patients’ homes and away from the acute hospital, in line with NHS England recommendations. In the future we hope that the NHS will develop the service into other non-invasive diagnostic tests such as ECG monitoring and pacemaker checks.

Image Credits: Kt bruce , The hospital at Rye , Rye Hospital .

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