Images of days gone by


I took a “lockdown look” through the Rye News library the other day in the quest  for inspiration, looking for the basis for a story as subject matter can often be in short supply, especially at the moment, and when I saw the main photo above of the old Rye Guide this gave me an idea.

When Concepts was a haberdashery the property next door was also a shop selling bread and sweets

As there is an uncertain future for all of us, why not go back in time and look at what has been before. It may well unearth memories or remind us of happier times and so I set about tweaking some photos to make them appear as if taken in the 1930’s and later. The majority were in fact taken last year, but with a little photographic license they have been made to look earlier.

Just a brief taste of the past to unlock a few memories, when things are back to normal, photos of an empty Rye will also bring back memories of days we would rather forget.

Image Credits: Leonard Lynch , Jonathan Dellar , Nick Forman .

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