Life returns, but not as normal


There was a real feeling of positivity over last weekend, mixed with a little anxiousness, but with large dollops of goodwill, effort and thoughtfulness, a possible recipe for success for local businesses who embraced the opportunity to open up and welcome back their customers.

Two wheeled transport seems to be outnumbering the usual four wheeled variety.

Numbers in town were not huge, and the miserable Super Saturday (as it was branded nationally) weather did not help, but maybe it was just as well as it gave businesses the chance to ease into the unknown. It’s been a steep learning curve for many businesses and additional expense at a time when takings are well down and the future still carries an air of uncertainty about it.

Common sense is what’s needed, to keep us all a little bit safer.

Normal doesn’t exist any more, and the new normal is what we all have to live with and get used to, and signs are everywhere helping to reinforce the social distancing measures now in place. Some bring a smile whilst ‘spreading the word’ and the public have got the message, at least locally and, so far, seem to be playing by the rules.

The visitors are gradually creeping back, the car parks are filling up, cyclists are arriving in large numbers, and people are looking forward, putting their toes in the water, and continuing – but with caution.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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  1. Hi Gigi, glad you like the mask, they sell adults and children’s sizes, the shop is called Lola and SiDney, 29A High Street Rye, opposite what was Nat West Bank, Nick


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