Life still goes on


Whilst many of us are ‘confined to barracks’ during this current lockdown, outside the security of our front doors life carries on. Our key workers carry on regardless, public services are running as best they can, and councils continues to operate skeleton services including keeping our streets clean.

Despite everything the street cleaning never stops

With the lack of traffic currently on our roads, what better time than to sort out some of the potholes and repair the roads  – which is happening all over, or so it seems, given the amount of traffic lights in place. In readiness for the impending parking restrictions many of the existing yellow lines are also having a birthday too.

No traffic provides the perfect opportunity to repaint the double yellow lines.

Many of the lacklustre lines have now been repainted in bright yellow, and you really can’t miss them now. But the question is, will the drivers take notice of them when they return. Let’s see.

Meanwhile, with many of us at home now, you would hope that the amount of burglaries would reduce too. The photo of the sign on a house on South Undercliff gives a clear message to any potential burglar, and you would certainly think twice before entering this property without an invitation.

A clear message, enter at your peril!!

Image Credits: Nick Forman .

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