Local dog needs home


We would appreciate help with a sad situation.

We are an Essex based animal rescue and re-homing service and have contacts in Rye via a former Essex resident and his partner who now live and run a business (McCully Crane) in Rye. Gareth McCully and Marcus Crane also adopt unwanted dogs.

They have adopted four dogs from us in the past some of whom would have otherwise been put to sleep at the dog pound and have had as many as seven rescue dogs – all of which they adore.

One of the dogs they adopted from us a few years ago has fallen out with Bobby the dalmation and needs a new home. It’s such a sad situation as he is much loved.

Charlie the Staffordshire terrier cross was a “death row” dog. Many unclaimed dogs have just seven days at the pound before they are put to sleep if not rescued.

Charlie is around six years old and needs a dog experienced home where he is the only pet perhaps with older children as he can be excitable at times. He is extremely affectionate and loved by all who meet him. He would love a home with lots of space to run around.

We would appeal to the people of Rye and beyond. Contact enquiries@hornchurchpetservices.co.uk for more information.

Photo: Courtesy Donna Evans

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