Locals give generously to Iraq


Rye residents have thrown their back into the campaign to collect warm winter clothes for desperate refugees in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. Huge quantities of jumpers, coats, babygros and other useful clothing have already been left at St Mary’s church and the appeal goes on.

Surrounding villages are also responding and piles of clothes are building up at churches throughout the area.

Trucks have already left other local collection centres in Brighton and Wellingborough for the trip to Iraq. Samara Levy, who has organised the campaign, plans to send three more. An additional £18,500 funding is still needed for these and donations can be made here. 

Janet Waddams from St Mary’s, who is co-ordinating the Rye efforts, asked us to thank all those who have donated clothes and given time to sort them out. More warm clothes are still needed and can be left at St Mary’s between 9am and 4pm up until January 31. While you are sorting your wardrobe, keep an eye out for superfluous summer clothes as these are likely to be needed at a later stage.

Photo: Sandra Lanigan

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