Not a bit boaring


As we mentioned last week, from Saturday October 20 we are in for a week of boar-ish treats throughout the town. No less than 26 pubs, hotels and restaurants are contributing their own versions of boar menus.

Burgers abound. These ones at Oxney Gourmet Pie and Burger Bar in Wittersham

As always, imagination and innovation abounds: the Standard not only has boars in blankets as well as boar cassoulet, but as a relief also has pigeon and rabbit on the menu.

Boar burgers can be found in many of our eateries, while the Landgate Bistro have pigeon and venison and Webbes have a tasting board. Traditionally British boar comes from the Mermaid in the form of wild boar black pudding and also a suet pudding, which I am guessing is a sort of steak and kidney pudding but with boar in place of the steak and kidney – should be good.

Wild boar and tagliatelle at the Plough

But with all this talk of traditional food, let us not forget overseas versions: Simply Italian has ragu al cinghiale – think spag bol but with a boar sauce and pappardelle pasta and the Thai House has wild boar Penang and the wonderful sounding wild boar jungle stir fry.

Outside the town, the always-innovative Globe Inn Marsh has hens egg in a wild boar blanket, pulled wild boar and wild boar ragu, amongst other choices. The Plough at Udimore Road, Cock Marling is celebrating its landlord’s cycle ride to Italy with wild boar guignon with tagliatelle and the Gallivant in Camber eschews boar for venison, duck, pheasant and rabbit.

Rye Butchers’ counter in Cinque Ports Street

If eating at home is more your thing, don’t forget Rye Butchers in Cinque Ports Street – not just wild boar but also venison, pheasant, wild duck and pigeon. And for a good bottle of robust red to complete the meal, Olde Worlde Wines is almost next door.

The full list is on the Wild Boar web site and wherever you go you are sure of a treat and if, by the end of the week, you feel you don’t want to see another pig for a while, worry not, turkey is only 2 1/2 months away and by the time the last variation of left-over turkey curry has finally been finished, it will almost be time for the next Rye delicacy…..Scallop Week, and we can start all over again.

Bon appetit!

Image Credits: Wild Boar Week , Simon Kershaw .

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