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Joggy Doggy is a unique canine exercise business focusing on both dog running and human personal training with the sport of Canicross. Canicross is the fastest growing dog sport in the UK and involves cross-country running while attached to your harnessed dog via a bungee line and belt. The dog pulls into the chest and shoulders, assisting the runner to go further and faster, whilst getting a brilliant doggy workout.

Jenny Lee, who lives in Hawkhurst, set up Joggy Doggy Ltd four years ago and there are now successful branches in West Cumbria, Wales, Oxfordshire and two in Kent.

Former creative industry executive George Stephenson has partnered with Clare Brown, a graduate of Writtle Agricultural College in Essex to bring the Joggy Doggy services to dogs in Rye and the surrounding area.

“Joggy Doggy is about fitness for you and your dog” commented Jenny Lee. “Research has shown that just as with humans, the endorphins produced by a running dog provide huge physical and emotional benefits which impact on both health and behaviour over the long term. Having been involved in Canicross racing both nationally and internationally and seen the benefits it gave to my rescue dogs, I was keen to set up a business that could deliver the same to local pooches of all shapes and sizes!”

Joggy Doggy Rye will offer canine clients the chance to join sessions that vary from gentle woodland and beach strolls up to fast-paced mileage runs of up to five miles. This is often welcome news to owners of bigger, stronger dogs who need a daily dose of exertion. Owners can also choose to join in the fun with George Stephenson, a Run England trained leader, who races her labrador Clover. George is offering bespoke Canicross training sessions either in groups or on an individual basis.

In addition to dog exercising and canine personal training Clare Brown will also be focused on day care and home boarding. The advantage here is that your dog can choose to receive a Joggy Doggy Rye run every day they board, so there’s no danger of those holiday pounds appearing on your hound when you return from the airport.

If your dog’s plan for spring is to get fitter, happier and healthier then please contact Clare and George at or at .

Source: Jenny Lee

Photo: Jenny Lee

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