Snowflakes changing views


As climate change (see image above) causes snow and ice to retreat, snow comes occasionally (and slowly) – even in Rye!

At last, after the promises of snow to come, on Sunday, February 7, the enclave of our town was swirling with flakes. It did not last, nor did it settle, but it altered the odd local corner on Strand Quay. No doubt further north children and parents on sledges will be out to enjoy a moment of outdoor exercise, socially distancing of course.

The next day was a surprise as there was more snow and this actually settled – well a bit. But it looks as though there is more to come – with more beautiful scenery.

Image Credits: Photographed by William O. Field on Aug. 13, 1941 (left) and by Bruce F. Molnia on Aug. 31, 2004 (right). From the Glacier Photograph Collection. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center/World Data Center for Glaciology , Heidi Foster .

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