The “upcycled” galleon

 It was ARRCC Member Lee Warren’s request for a model galleon that started this project, as his family has fishermen’s heritage Lee wanted to make a model for his home. The plans were ordered based on a fictitious medieval warship, ‘HMS Harry.’ When they arrived they were for a larger model, so they were “scaled up” x 2, this was an interesting exercise, as it involved both maths and drawing skills for the ARRCC team.

The first requirement was for a large quantity of attractive hardwood. A scrapped dining table surplus to requirements in our lounge was sourced, cutting this to shape using power saws and equipment bought with the funds raised from the sales of CD’s made and sold by ARRCC team volunteer Patrick.

The hardwood stand was made from a door offcut, with plumbing copper used for the uprights. The superstructure came from assorted scrap plywood, the sails came from material in the Art Room which were then stitch edged.

Gun ports and decorations were all handmade, and Lee has described the model as a “Great achievement at very minimal cost”.

From an Arts Department point of view this has been a very enjoyable and satisfying project involving the ARRCC Team made up of Member Lee, Tutors Jenny and Rob, Volunteers Patrick and Sarah.

Photo: Irna Mortlock

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