It’s yo ho ho time on the Strand


Once again the Strand will be full of both motor boats and sailing boats, and we hope to have the new all-weather RNLI life boat from Dungeness visit, one of the first of the new design to go on station. Instead of having propellers she has water jets, which allows her to go close inshore and also makes her faster when on a rescue mission.

This year we will be having a selection of music for all tastes from jazz and samba through to 60s and 70s pop. Our local Rye butcher will be supplying the food as he did last year, and local charities will be have their stalls set out along the river. As well as a barbeque there will be local fish cooked on site, a beer tent and face-painting for the kids. There will also be a collection of about 10 owls from the Tomar Owl Sanctuary in Ashford including eagle owls Chezz and Jessica, Joe the barn owl and Brighteyes the tawny owl.

It’s sad that the town council isn’t more supportive of the festival as it’s the only free event that takes place in Rye during the year, although the council supports the jazz festival which is a commercial operation – strange thinking methinks.

All we need on the day is sunshine, a little wind and lots of people to make it the success that it has been in the past.

The festival runs from 10am to 5pm on Sunday August 31.


Charles Bronsdon is chairman of the Rye Harbour Boat Owners Association

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