A weekend of glassware

Awaiting Andy McConnell's pronouncement

What a fantastic weekend of “Master Glass” workshops from the Rye glass expert, Andy McConnell

Andy McConnell obviously enjoying himself

Well known for his charismatic appearances on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, Andy McConnell held two incredibly successful fundraising workshops over last week end.

Rye Arts Festival organisers invited him to put on his workshop “Behind the Scenes at the Roadshow” , hosted by Judith Blincow and enjoyed by a packed audience at the Mermaid Inn last Friday morning.

Andy, who is also Patron to local charity ARRCC (Activities, Respite, Rehabilitation, Care Centres), then put on a whole day’s workshop at the Rye Creative Centre (RCC)  on Saturday September 23, the day following.

The day started at 9am but people were queuing from 8am.

The majority of the audience had travelled from all over the country, to take part in the workshop. They learned about about the origins of glass and were able to have their own piece of glass appraised by Andy at the end of the day.

Andy was on top form and had the theatre audience laughing within minutes. His unique style appears to be so light-hearted, but cleverly instils a lot of knowledge about his favourite subject with ease.Most of the people attending had met Andy before, which brought a lively and friendly ambiance to the RCC

Money raised by both events have been very generously donated to ARRCC by Andy.

Photos: Steve O’Neill


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