All in a day’s work

Filming at the RH&D Railway

Screen South are producing a mini-documentary entitled The Marsh: All in a Day’s Work that aims to showcase some of the many working opportunities available in the Marsh area.

Their aim with the project is to publicise and explore the vast number and variation of opportunities available to individuals around the area, as well as to explore the Marsh’s thriving community of workers, business owners, tradesmen and more over the course of a single working day.

Filming itself will take place sometime from late November to early-mid December (the ambiguity of their schedule owing to circumstances that are unfortunately beyond their control), and they aim to use a light, non-invasive approach as they would like to observe workers as they go about their daily routines, rather than relying on interviews or question-and-answer formats etc.

The project is based in the area ranging from Lympne Hill to just beyond Dungeness Point, bordered inland by the Royal Military Canal. If you happen to know of any useful contacts that may be interested in participating, they would be hugely appreciative of having the message passed along.

Their website is

Image Credits: Screen South


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