All’s well that stays dry


Shakespeare fans still just have time to secure tickets for this summer’s open-air performances by the Lamb Players of All’s Well That Ends Well at the National Trust’s Lamb House in Rye. But it is probably their last summer performance as their 10-year tenancy with the National Trust ends next spring, and the audience will be hoping for sun and warmth.

Tickets (£16 and not refundable in the event of Met Office doom and gloom) can be bought from Grammar School Records in the High Street, or by visiting

The Saturday evening audience in a previous year seems prepared for any weather

Looking out of the window on the poster (maybe to check the clouds) is a familiar face from TV (for those who watch Lewis) and she is Clare Holman who plays forensic pathologist Dr Laura Hobson. The cast are all (or usually) professional actors, though the outdoor setting may disguise this occasionally. Other faces on the poster may therefore be familiar too.

Performances are on Friday and Saturday September 1 and 2 at 7pm, and on the Sunday at 1:30pm and 5pm. Picnics are allowed, even encouraged, and doors open 30 minutes early (to grab a vantage point). The garden stays open for a while so picnickers have time to eat up and stand up before exiting stage left or right (depending where the stage is this year, and it may move around).


Photos: Heidi Foster and Rye News Library

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