An evening out with the Mayor


On Friday December 11 the outgoing Mayor, Bernardine Fiddimore, whose term of office ends in May, invited a few Rye people for Christmas drinks and canapes. Guests included former and new councillors, and many who have contributed to making Rye Town a vibrant place to live and visit.

There were some talented singers among the students
There were some talented singers among the students

The Town Hall is always a wonderful venue  in which to mingle with other guests along with a glass of wine and the food Rae Festing provides every year never disappoints.

Those of us who attended, were in for an unexpected treat. The choir from Rye College entertained us for an hour with a variety of music spanning from blues, musicals and solo singers’ own choices. There was so much talent and the young people seemed so confident, enjoying performing for us.

I would like to mention the young 16 year old pianist, Thomas Pickering, who apparently put the programme together and was superb, as well as Anneliese Dale, the singing teacher, who must have worked very hard with the students to encourage them to discover their talent and show it off before an audience.

It was a very special evening.


Photos: Heidi Foster

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