Art in the roof


In addition to the two main exhibitions in the Rye Art Gallery during the Arts Festival, tucked away in the roof in Room 6 is a small but very interesting exhibition called “Artists’ choice”.

This comprises a selection of works chosen by local artists Louis Turpin and Davida Smith from the gallery’s permanent collection.

Many artists have come to Rye, attracted to the town as subject matter, and some have lived here, including Paul Nash and Edward Burra.

This small exhibition, from the 580 pieces of art in the gallery’s permanent collection includes Burra’s wood engraving featuring a couple at a bar, a subject he chose more than once as I have a similar poster (not an original!) in my kitchen.

For more information on the permanent collection go to the gallery’s website . Many of the items in the collection have been photographed and can be seen at

The collection comprises a mix of gifts, purchases and bequests.

Photo: Rye News Library

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