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Last year Heidi Foster wrote about the [Please insert link to “Boys Club seeks help” Feb 18, 2016] Boys Club using the old school building off Mermaid Street and last reported on  [please insert link to “Rye Boys Club open fun day” June, 2016] progress in June. But clubs need funds, and Heidi reports below on the latest development.

A new venture to raise funds  has started in Rye as Alan Colombage (who works with another artist, Chris Daynes) explains: “The Youth Club in Mermaid Street was set up in trust by Humphrey Ellis in October 1949 for the mental, physical and spiritual well being of boys and girls in the borough of Rye, and the intention of the trustees  is to restore the youth club with the arts leading the way to build income and the profile of the charity.”

Painting by Alan displayed at Mermaid Street.

Alan and Chris want to make a successful community art gallery for everyone and, when I went to see them, they were busy repairing part of the building. For people unfamiliar with the lay out, there are two large rooms, the left being used now for the eclectic collection of art.

The room on the right presently looked like a store room but I was told last week by the artist, who is renting the upstairs space as a studio, that she and a friend have cleared it out. The plan is to eventually make it a space for children to be creative and revive the youth club if more funding can be found. Everyone involved is very excited by the possibilities ahead, so let us support them in making it a successful youth and community hub.

This painting, no 48, (right) is going on show at the London Biennale on March 29-April 3 in Chelsea.

The first event to help raise funds is a “Charity Vintage Fair” in aid of Rye and District Boys Club and Cultural Centre and the dates are Saturday 25 February, 10am to 8pm, and Sunday 26 February, 10am to 5pm

The funds are for the refurbishment of the Boys Club building and the youth charities – Youth in Motion, and Rye and District Boys Club.

If you would like to know any further information about the art gallery please email

For further details about the Vintage Fair call Saffron on 0771 222 5527.


Photos by artist Alan Colombage

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