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On the weekend of May 11 and 12, at the Rye Creative Centre (RCC) in Kings Road, the resident artists opened their studios to the public. Visitors meandering through the spaces were able to talk to the artists about their art who mentioned just how much they love the space and working together, each following their own style and subjects. The areas were divided into small and bigger studios which obviously meant the rents were different but most spaces were light and spacious for the work the artist wanted to produce. On the ground floor there is a large room which leads out into the garden area with raised beds. It is a professional studio for eight artists with a disability.

Nick Archer and his daughter when young

The building was completed in 1933 and has gone through various changes becoming
the Freda Gardham County Primary School in 1969. Now being the Creative Centre
it is not just a space for the lucky artists but has become a wonderful performance
space for music and theatre, is rented out for choir practice and exhibitions and much more. There is plenty of parking which is very useful for Rye and surrounding areas. It is run now by a Community Interest Group (CIC) on behalf of Martello Developments who took the building over from East Sussex County Council.

Samara Streeten is the arts centre manager and Martin Geldart is centre manager. Three trustees have the overall eye, including Julian Day (director of Rye Art Gallery on the High Street). There are 37 artists, designers, makers and creators, painters and artists working with textile, all in totally different and various styles. Having a connection between RRC and Rye Art Gallery is good for the artists as some of them have been included in the exciting exhibitions Rye Art Gallery has been responsible for.

On June 1 and 2, several of the artists are holding an exhibition of mixed media art, ranging from miniature painting to textiles, using varied materials, celebrating the locality and the natural world. It will be at St Mary’s Centre, Lion Street, Rye. If anyone would like more information please go to:

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .

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