Avocet flies with Christmas gifts


In Rye Harbour you can find a wonderful place to feast on art, great coffee and home made cakes in the run up to Christmas as the Avocet Gallery, opposite the village shop, is showing off a range of artistic presents.

Pottery, pictures and more were in display
Pottery, pictures and more were in display

This features their usual group of 50 artists and designers, many of which are local, and includes a wide range of prints, photographs, oils, watercolours and textiles from, amongst others, Annie Soudain, Robert and Peter Greenhalf, Ian O’Halloran and Meriel Ensom.

New work includes watercolours by Mac McKeown, screen prints by Kate Crook and oils by Kate Penoyre.

Peter Greenhalf who, with Megan, owns and runs the Gallery and provides the various tasty morsels to devour, said:” We are also particularly pleased to be showing ceramics by Mike Cosby Jones. Mike ran Gopsall pottery in Winchelsea Beach at Morlais Ridge for many years and his spotty ware was known and loved by many. Sadly Mike died recently and so we are showing the work with a mix of sadness that there will be no more, but delighted that so many people are having a chance to pick up a piece as a memory of Mike and his ceramics.”

The Christmas show will continue in the Avocet Gallery (open Thursday to Sunday, 10:30am-4:30pm), until December 20. Do make the trip to Rye Harbour’s gem. You might find a special Christmas present not yet bought.




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