Being too busy

The Mint gets crowded in the summer sun - even without any cars - and social distancing is not obviously apparent

As the holiday crowds continue on our beaches and in our streets (until schools go back) a poet ponders…

Let’s stand aside a minute, out of the crowd
And watch them stream by in the hundreds.
What! Are we too held?
Here, make way there, let me pass,
Rude fellow, I wonder where he’s off to?
Ah! That’s better – let’s sit down here,
It’s nice and cool on the grass.
We’re comfortable now for a while
On the grass, away from it all.

But do we belong in this place?
It’s very nice, but shouldn’t we be moving
Else we’ll be late; besides,
I’ve got my breath back now.

Well, perhaps you’re right, come along
Once more into the stream, mind how you go.
Ah! we’re in, what a relief
We’d better hurry else we’ll be late.

Where shall we go?

Image Credits: Anthony Kimber , Nick Forman .


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