Bumper Blyton’s super adventure

Enid Blyton rides again - sort of

Rye Arts Festival has announced a dozen or so selected events from an exciting menu of world-class artistes, performers and talkers who have been signed up to entertain audiences between September 14-28 this year. And tickets sales for literary talks, classical music, drama, and contemporary music have been opened so people can snap up tickets before they sell out.

Already sales are moving along nicely for one show, like the mid-morning queue at a school tuck shop, with plenty of bottoms on seats assured for the riotous Enid Blyton improv show ‘Bumper Blyton’ laughing at 4pm on Sunday, September 15.

This is Enid Blyton for grown-ups who are either still young at heart or who have never really grown up and who are looking for a splendid adventure on a Sunday afternoon just before going home for a late tea. This will be a riotous parody, chock full of innuendo and lashings of puns, the cast invent an hilarious, improvised adventure live and on the hoof; inspired by audience suggestions. The scenes will be as implausible as any Famous Five or Secret Seven book.

You can probably look forward to being given a teacake or boiled sweets as you enter the Rye Community Centre for the performance and entry into a pre-war English middle-class world of jolly good fun.

Featuring a picnic basket stuffed full of the UK’s best known and simply the most talented improvisers from stage and screen, this is quality comedy theatre that’ll grab you by the jolly hockey sticks and leave your sides aching. And your shorts split too!

The chums will be freshly back from a month-long adventure at the Edinburgh Fringe in August, so will be on top of their game when they cycle down to Rye in September.

If you came to see Austentatious performance a couple of years ago at Rye Arts Festival, which was brought to you by elderly cousins of the Bumper Blyton team, you’ll know what to expect. And if you missed it, make sure you don’t miss out this time – you won’t be disappointed. Tickets can be booked online at the Arts Festival website.

Image Credits: Rye Arts Festival .


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