Canterburye Tales at last


On Monday, Rye Players celebrated a highly successful return to the stage after a challenging period that saw their Hastings Fringe show date postponed.

The Rye Players have a dedicated following and people from Rye and Camber travelled to the Stables Theatre in Hastings to join a large audience for Canterburye Tales. The simple set allowed everybody to appreciate the glorious wardrobe skills of the late Dilys Mayor and the performances reached heights of surreal comedy that made this play a highlight of the Players’ repertoire and gave them their very first booking at the respected Stables venue. The audience was warm and enjoyed the laughter that this often irreverent piece afforded throughout the performance.

Rob Tyson said afterwards: “When Arabella stood and pretended to be a tree it was the funniest thing that I have seen in ages.”

After the show the bar was buzzing with positive comments from all those who enjoyed it.

The Pilgrims have folded away their cloaks, but who knows, might they pass our way again next summer?

The next show will be their Rye Arts Festival piece, Spinach, another adaptation by Andrew Mayor who has turned his attention to EF Benson’s 1928 ghost story.

For booking (tickets are going fast)

Image Credits: Rye Players .

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