A classic weekend revs up

Hey big fender: one of the classy classics at last year's rally

Every November the town takes a step into the past when the classic and custom car rally takes place. Expect a river of shining chrome, sleek chassis and purring engines as the rally tours the town on Sunday November 16.

The convoy will include classic British and American cars driven to Rye from all over Britain, and even one or two from Europe. The cars should start to arrive from 2:30pm when they will cruise through the town and down the High Street, usually doing three circuits. Then from 3pm the cars begin to park at the Cattle Market, where there will be a mayoral reception and prize-giving. This is a great chance to take a close look at the lovingly restored and cared for vehicles. Admission is free.

The car cruise is one of the highlights of the twice-yearly Rhythm Riot weekends held at Pontin’s in Camber. The weekend attracts devotees of the 1950s music, fashion and lifestyle as well as fans of Americana and some of the costumes and hairstyles are truly eye-catching. You can expect to see lots of men sporting slicked back hair (local shops are sure to sell out of Brylcream) and woman in seamed stockings, dance dresses and bebop blouses.

In perfect timing for this year’s event is the opening of Vintage Stockroom on Saturday November 15 at 11am. The shop will sell Americana from the 1940s and 50s and should be a magnet for the Rhythm Rioters as well as anyone else who enjoys that period’s style. See Miss Rae’s column for more details.

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Photos: Tony McLaughlin