Competing about Christmas


On the heels of the success of their recent competition in collaboration with Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, the Tuesday Painters are in competition mode again. This time, with Christmas in mind, they have launched a double-edged competition.

The first part of the competition is open to members and their younger family (under the age of 30), to design a Christmas card, entries to which will be judged by ArtWrite in Rye and a £20 ArtWrite voucher will be given to the winner to spend on art materials.

The second part is in collaboration with Rye Arts Festival, also to design a Christmas card but more specifically a Rye Landscape, Christmas Scene. This is a fantastic public relations opportunity for the Club and especially for the winning artists – three designs will be picked, which will be sent out online to over 2000 people who receive the Rye Arts Festival newsletters and an additional 350 cards will be printed for mailing. It is intended that all of the entries will be exhibited at the September 2021 Arts Festival in Rye.

John Case, director of the Rye Arts Festival, says: “I have been following the Tuesday Painters on their Facebook page and am impressed by the talent displayed by their members. I am looking forward, together with two others on our team, to judging the entries. Amateur artists should be encouraged so I very much hope Tuesday Painters will feel inspired to participate in this competition”.

Just in case the judges may know any of the Club members – it’s a small world – and to ensure impartial judging, the entries will at first be submitted anonymously.

For further information about the Club and the competition, please check out their Facebook page.

Image Credits: Tuesday Painters .

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