Couples come dine on TV


If you haven’t managed to mingle with the media forray in Rother with The Monuments Men, Mapp and Lucia or Sherlock Holmes, it’s not too late! There’s another chance to be a TV star in the privacy of your own home . . .

You may have heard that Come Dine With Me are looking for couples in the Rye and Hastings area to participate in two episodes of the forthcoming series and it’s not too late to apply. I spoke briefly to Phil Krstic at ITV television about what people who might be interested should know, so here’s the lowdown.

Basically, the filming will take place on  November 17-19 and 20-22. Couples would have to be free for one of those sets of dates. Applicants should get in touch with Phil by emailing or calling 0207 157 3746.

They will then be sent an application form to complete, followed by a telephone chat with couples to go through the form. Following that, if their applications are taken further they get a visit to be filmed together in their home on camera for half an hour. This is then sent to the commissioning channel – in this case Channel 4.

Krstic hopes the applicants will reflect the diverse mix to be found in Hastings and Rye in terms of cooking talent and personality. They are looking for couples from all sorts of different backgrounds and job titles, couples who have been together three months or  married 30 years.

Any couple is welcome to apply. As long as you live within Hastings or Rye (or within 50 minutes of those areas) they want to hear from you.

There are two other basic requirements: people must have good energy and be up for a laugh!