Couples: serve up a laugh on TV


Do you and your other half host the best dinner parties in Rye? A Channel 4 team is coming to town looking for the perfect partnership to produce an amazing dinner party.

The hit show Come Dine With Me has a new twist: couples. Couples Come Dine With Me wants three couples on three nights hosting three parties. The prize is £1,000. You need to be aged 18 or over and whether you have been together for three months or 30 years that’s good enough.

But make your mind up quickly. Phil Krstic and a colleague will be in the Rye and Hastings area to visit couples who have applied from Monday October 20 to Thursday October 23. The deadline for applications is Wednesday October 22. “Sometimes if people come through later in the week we can still visit them on the last day,” says Krstic.

Filming dates are set for November 17-19 and November 20-22. Candidates would have to be free for one of those sets of dates.

Couples can apply by email  or by calling 0207 157 3746. “People who get in touch must leave the names of both partners, contact numbers and where they live. They will be sent an application form to complete. Once they have sent that, we will have a telephone chat with them and go through the form.

“Following that, if we choose to take their application further we visit them in the recce week, where we film them together in their home for half an hour. This gets cut down to two minutes and is then shown to the execs at Channel 4, who choose which couples go in which show.

“We’re looking for a great diverse mix of what Rye and Hastings has to offer in cooking talent and personality. We’re looking for couples from all sorts of different backgrounds and job titles. Any couple is welcome to apply. As long as you live within Rye or Hastings – or within 50 minutes of those areas.”

One essential ingredient: “People must have good energy and be up for a laugh!”

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