Curtain Up!

Acting Up in Rye are raising the curtain next week

Acting Up In Rye are getting ready to entertain us with their latest production coming to the Community Centre on July 8 and 9. Judy Wall explains the plot (sort of).

Five women inherit a derelict theatre from one of their number’s recently deceased husband. All five are linked, grandmother, mother, daughter, late-husband’s lover and his ex-PA. Their objective is the same, to bring it back to life. The story is of how they achieve it is told over nine scenes spanning an improbable six weeks.

The characters, daughter Theresa (Helen Gray), is trapped between the demands of her mother, Pam (Patricia Driver), and new woman, Jackie (Sarah Givertz). Waspish arguments between Pam and Jackie provided bitter-sweet moments in comic situations. Former PA, Sharon (Clare Murray), all punk hair, studs and tattoos, and the gran, Betty (Carol Gasson), have the funniest lines.
The restored theatre’s opening night is intended to feature Liza Minelli, in person, but ends in tears when, inevitably, she cancels…………

Image: Acting Up


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