Death on the pile!


Renowned for his ability at school to corpse on the stage, Rye Arts Festival’s publicity co-ordinator Andy Stuart was a dead cert for the role of a cadaver in a recent short-film shoot.

Last week Andy spent the best part of six hours lying on a carpet as he was “murdered” for the Rye Arts Festival.

Andy said: “I was thrilled to be asked to take part in a film by Alisdair Kitchen, who has directed the operas at the Festival for the last eight years and is working on an exciting new project for this year. And while I knew it was to be a non-speaking role, I was nervous when I discovered that my non-acting ability was to be tested to its very limits. I hope I didn’t corpse as a corpse!”

More will be revealed in two weeks when the full programme of events at this year’s Rye Arts Festival (between September 14 and 29, 2019) will be announced. But, as clues, Andy says the film is to accompany a song called Nacht und Träume, and he, along with the rest of the cast, was abducted by aliens just before midnight and a wrap was called!

Source: Rye Arts Festival

Image Credits: Rye Arts Festival .

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