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There’s nothing worse than finding out about something you really wanted to see or do AFTER it has happened! This does not need to happen if we all make sure that the newly branded “What’s on in Rye” section in Rye News is both populated and used.

The breadth and depth of activities in Rye is incredible. From music in pubs, fêtes and shows, theatre, art exhibitions, classical concerts, choirs, youth activities, sport of all types, our very own cinema and endless community events … we have it all.

But do you know what’s on? Rye News wants to ensure that that all this information is available in one place so that you, whether a local or a tourist, can easily take advantage of everything that is on offer.

So, if you are running any sort of event … TELL US! It is easy to submit event information online using Submit an Event. Then, if you live in Rye or are in the hospitality business, tell your friends and visitors to simply check out “What’s On” for all the latest information.

We have an extraordinary range of things going in Rye and the surrounding area … let’s make sure we keep it that way. With your help we can.

Image Credits: RN Photo Library .

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