Drumming is their middle name

Ryebellion Drummers

As I walked away, it was as if the drums were still beating long after the music had stopped. They have a power to move, transport the listener and to alleviate sadness. They put you in the present moment and nothing else matters for a while.

If you have ever seen and heard Ryebellion Drummers you will understand what I mean. They captivate their audiences and draw people in. It is like watching a ritual unfold as Robert, their drum leader, brings their sound all together. The music pulses and bewitches the watcher and you can see tapping feet and hands clapping. They work as one and yet you can see the individual characters as they play. Chris is a key player and was a professional drummer, he has his ear on the beat and connects with the group.

Ryebellion Drummers play a big part of the festival days in Rye as well as being a major part of the bonfire night processions in Sussex. Ryebellion Drummers was born in 2017 with a small band of people who now number 46.

Ryebellion Drummers

Robert, their leader, studied classical music at Goldsmith’s College, University of London and is a composer. This is not quite what one might imagine of a drum master but his passion for music of all kinds entices others to come and try and stay. It is a strong band of like-minded people who come from all walks of life, including lawyers, farmers, engineers, nurses, press officers and ex-soldiers: quite a diverse bunch. It is one big family and a great leveller. You can feel the camaraderie and friendship as they rehearse and work together.

Research has shown that drummers are amongst the fittest and happiest of people. It is a very physical form of music which keeps you fit in both mind and body. Several scientific studies have shown that playing drums can provide a measurable impact on stress relief, cardio health and general happiness. You can see the enjoyment of young and old as they drum either in rehearsal or out on the streets of Rye and Sussex.

Drumming is powerful stuff, it is the beat of a drum that keeps time with our emotions and it never disappoints.

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  1. Thanks for a lovely article and great photographs. I’m pleased you enjoyed hearing the practice session. It is always an enjoyable evening of practice and the live events always a memorable time.


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