Ethel adds digital to the mix

Jason Dorey, Jo Dorey and Matt Forbes-Dale outside "Ethel loves Me" in Rye High Street

Ethel Loves Me has just opened a new online store – and Ethel Loves Me, located at 105 High Street, presents a range of unique inspirations and rarities at her concept store.

Who is Ethel? Well, all they will tell you is that it’s a closely-guarded secret, but the concept has been dreamed up and brought to life by a group of her local friends who live in Rye, inspired by Ethel’s guiding light. Take a visit when in Rye, or browse their new online store now.

The team at Ethel’s say: “Yes, we’ve finally added digital to our bricks and mortar offer, with a curated selection of art, crafts and gifts by talented local makers now available to purchase on our new website…”

“The online store includes a mix of original art and collectable prints, craft and gorgeous gifts, almost all created by clever local makers from Sussex and Kent. And remember that much of the stock is one-off or limited edition and act fast because – when it’s gone, it’s gone!

“More will be added over time and we would also welcome your feedback about the site, so do let us know what you think…”. See the gallery below for a selection of items for sale. Enjoy!

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird , Ethel Loves Me .


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