Flight of artistic fancy

Intricately decorated letter cards

Curiosity took me to Lydd Airport, on Monday, April 17, having seen the advert for an art exhibition over the Easter weekend.

Jazz giants – on left John Lee Hooker and Lionel Hampton by Alan Luff

It was the airport management which invited local artists to exhibit, which they have done now for several years. The exhibit was organised by Anita and Alan Warden, Sheila and Ted Sheer, all artists themselves.

The standard of the exhibition was high and in a way unexpected because of the venue, one should never presume. My friend in fact bought two beautiful pictures at affordable prices and I bought some cards.

Alan’s wooden carvings were wonderful and very tempting to buy (awarden@vfast.co.uk). It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. The exhibition finished on Easter Monday.

Photos: Heidi Foster

Image Credits: H. Foster .

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