Free Arts Festival workshops

Pink Singers

Two free workshops are being offered to the public by this year’s Rye Arts Festival, giving aspiring singers, dancers and musicians a chance to fine-hone their skills and to have some fun while learning.

On Saturday, September 21 the Pink Singers will be holding a session at St Mary’s Church ahead of their evening concert. The London-based choir, formed 40 years ago, will be running through some of their songs in the evening programme and also their dance moves. Their message to the Rye public is simply come along and join in between 3pm and 4pm! Children are more than welcome too.


And on Sunday, September 22 the Chinese musicians collective Tangram will be holding a free one-hour workshop in St Mary’s starting at 5.45pm. Come and discover the yangqin, a Chinese traditional instrument, as Reylon Yount demonstrates its remarkable sounds and how composers have written for the instrument.

The group will also introduce its evening concert programme and talk about Tangram’s mission to break down imagined barriers between China and the West and to explore new sounds and ideas for Chinese and western instruments.

Tangram are keen for children and adults to take part in the session.

Tickets for all the other 60 events are on sale online or go into the Box Office at Phillips & Stubbs in Cinque Ports Street or ring 01797 224442.

Image Credits: Rye Arts Festival .



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