Herbarium artworks on display


Ethel Loves Me continues its series of pop-up exhibitions by local artists with a display of beautiful and delicate herbarium artworks by Lydia Florence. Herbariums are collections of preserved plant specimens, traditionally made and kept for scientific research and filed away in albums or dusty cabinets. Not so with Lydia’s work, as she intends her herbarium pages made with locally sourced plants to be displayed.

Her work, which has recently been featured in House & Garden magazine, is inspired by the herbarium albums of Emily Dickinson and others, and she has also hit on the genius idea of pressing flowers from a wedding or occasion bouquets to immortalise a special day.

Lydia says: “There is a particular beauty in preserving something that is otherwise transient – the bloom of a flower – capturing its form and fragility for years to come.”

The exhibition runs at Ethel Loves Me, 105 High Street, Rye, TN31 7JE until Sunday 4th September and prices range from £75 for framed A4 sized artworks to £225 for A2 sized pieces.

Image Credits: Lydia Florence. Ethel Loves Me .

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