Historical questions and answers

What were the two brick columns used for? Answer: They supported gates (gate post) to Station Approach

In memory of Clifford Jordan, a history of Rye quiz set by him in 1989

1 Which famous Rye landmark was destroyed by fire on Friday June 13, 1930?
2 Into which house in Mermaid Street did actor Gregory Peck go, in the film “Horatio Hornblower”?
3 What is the local name for the passageway next to the ‘Queens Head’ in the Landgate?
4 What was the name of the convent, whose ground occupies the space between Woolworth’s store (for those who can remember when Rye had one) and Cinque Ports Street?
5 In which street can you find Haddock Place?
6 By what name is Hartshorn House in Mermaid Street commonly known?
7 Following the death of her husband, Lady Warrender place a memorial statue in the Clare Chapel of St Mary’s church. Whom does it depict?
8 In which year did Elizabeth I visit Rye?
9 Which building once occupied the site of the present police station?
10 How many times did John Wesley visit Rye? Was it 10, 12 or 14 times?
11 in whose memory was the large cross that stands between the chapels in Rye cemetery, erected?
12 Which actor/ film star played the part of Dr Syn in the 1963 shooting of the film in and around Rye?
13 In the earlier part of 19th century where was the town’s mortuary?
14 Which year was the Rye Memorial Hospital opened?
15 Which building once occupied the site of Regent Square?
16 In which year was the Mermaid Inn re-built?
17 Which English King sought shelter in Rye Bay, from the tempest, in 1725?
18 Which famous artist lived at La Rochelle in East Street?
19 Which king instructed that Camber Castle be built?
20 Were did the Postern Gate stand?
21 Which famous Rye historian died in 1870?
22 On which day of the year was “Rye sports day” held?
23 For what purpose did Mrs Stormont form a trust?
24 Which of Rye bridges was opened in 1851?
25 Which Hollywood film star buried in Peasmarsh churchyard was the son-in-law of the Rev John Fowler (vicar of Rye) appointed 1922?
26 To which order were the monks of Rye monastery affiliated?
27 What is the correct name for “Fishgut Alley”?

1The Rye Mill (The fire started at 11am and it cost £800 to restore)
2 The house opposite the Mermaid hotel
3 Little London
4 Convent of Good Providence
5 Cinque Ports Street
6 The old hospital
7 St George
8 1573
9 The Cinque Ports Hotel
10 14 (according to Deacons History)
11 The men who died when the trawler ‘The Margaret’ hit a mine in the channel
12 Patrick McGoohan
13 The Ypres Tower (basement area)
14 1921
15 The Regent cinema
16 15th century (1420)
17 George 1st
18 Paul Nash
19 Henry Vlll
20 At the foot of Conduit Hill
21 William Holloway
22 August Bank Holiday Monday
23 The creation of Rye Art Gallery
24 The Rother swing railway bridge
25 Harold Warrender, who starred in Scott of the Antarctic, Pandora, and The Flying Dutchman)
26 Augustinian
27 Hucksteps Row


  1. There is some really interesting content in this quiz, thanks Dennis for putting it together. On a similar theme, for those intetested in local history they should look at the book, The Pubs of Rye, East Sussex, 1750-1950 by David Russell. Its amazing how many pubs Rye had and in one street, 3 in a row! If you want a copy go to the Rye Heritage Centre Website http://www.ryeheritage.co.uk or to their online shop https://shop-rye-heritage-centre.sumup.link Cheers !!


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