Iden entertained by the weather


Following their successful sea voyage last year, Iden Players turned their attention onto the eternal subject of our climate with an entertainment in the Village Hall for two performances on Saturday April 14, suitably called Whatever the Weather. This was a series of songs and sketches which took us through the seasons and helped to take our minds off the Beast from the East.

It’s spring on the way

Once again Teresa Cooper rallied her willing band of players and helpers with her tremendous hard work and inspiration which produced a wonderful show for everyone attending over the two performances, who clearly enjoyed and appreciated such an ingenious happening.
We started off  with summer and sunshine with two very relevant songs and a singalong to remember the sewage works outside the village last August, although thankfully it’s now a disruption we would prefer to forget.
In keeping up with the trend and dominance of reality television in our lives, the Iden players were not to be outdone and produced their own, for really posh people entitled  The Only Way Out Is Iden On Ice Here we had three “contestants” in the garden being put through their paces and given the task of reading the local news, although they were the worse for drink.
Autumn soon followed, with rain songs and Alan Riley very appropriately recited a monologue about Noah’s Ark. Naturally, the first half ended with Singing in the Rain complete with an assortment of raincoats and umbrellas.
The beast from the East reaches Iden

Moving on to the second half we were flung into the bleakest winter with snow, more appropriate songs, a very realistic winter wonderland snowman and naturally a snowball fight, with a robin and  dormouse sheltering from the cold.
Spring arrived although interrupted by a bee who thought it was still in last year’s show. More seasonal music and a park-bench conversation between an attractive young lady and an aged gentleman followed about how easily anyone can get the wrong end of a tennis racket.
The show ended with a very lively Morris dance and the whole ensemble singing I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles complete with a machine that sent them into the audience.
Teresa not only produced the show, but she also made the set, props and costumes (particularly stunning for the Morris dance sequence) and the choreography – a real tour de force which everybody so much appreciates.
The show was directed by Helen Gray and Susannah Miller provided the music and during the past few weeks kept the performers busy with rehearsals.
A big thank you to all who took part and helped back stage and front of house. We are especially grateful to Ian who kept everyone supplied with refreshments during the past few months and the performances and a huge round of applause to Dolly the sheep who was back on the stage from her retirement home after 10 years’ absence. EXPLAIN FOR THOSE WHO WEREN’T THERE #VW
As usual raffles took place during each show with proceeds going to St Michael’s Hospice and The Friends Of Iden Church.
In short, well done to everyone concerned for once again brightening our lives. Thankfully the weather on the day came out in sympathy after weeks of cold and wet.

Photos: Alex Smith

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  1. To enlighten the Editor-
    For those who are unaware, Dolly is a very life like theatrical sheep who used to grace the stage of the Bowls Club concerts a few years ago but since then she has been in a bag in one of my cupboards. As this year’s concert was featuring some pastoral scenes we decided to let Dolly out of her confinement but unfortunately, being in such a cramped position for so long, she was unable to stand up and had to have emergency back surgery, alas to no avail. She had no alternative therefore, but to remain seated throughout the show and was presented to the Iden Players for their future productions.
    The review failed to mention from my main review:-
    Special thanks must go to Mike Lovick who not only was one of the Stage Managers but very bravely and alas unsuccessfully attempted the “Winter of Discontent” speech and to John Harrison, who went from plumbing new depths with a song about drains to failing to finish his song “Oh What a Beautiful Morning” – we are grateful particularly to the audience for putting him out of our misery!


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