Keeping the cold at bay

Warm up in the Grapevine

The Grapevine wine and champagne bar on Rye’s Conduit Hill (between the High Street and Cinque Ports Street) is doing its best to warm us up on cold, dark wintry evenings with a full diary of events.

Christmas In Rye with the Blings

As the Rye News was published on Thursday night, January 23, an English wine tasting was due to take place (competing to some extent with the usual Thursday night Cogan’s Cocktails) followed tonight (Friday) between 8:30pm and 11:30pm by the Violet Jive’s music.

And on Saturday local favourites the Bling Crosbies will be back performing from 8:30pm – and the cozy bar should be a lot warmer than their outdoor Rye Christmas Festival gig last month (pictured right).

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Image Credits: The Grapevine wine bar , Tony Ham .


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