Local artist enters the Red Door


The newly opened Red Door gallery in Cinque Ports Street in Rye welcomes watercolourist Andrew Blyth to its space.

Andrew paints landscapes, seascapes and townscapes. This description does not do them justice however, as his treatment of his subjects in watercolour is highly individual. The paintings have a fine sense of control and detail. Andrew loves creating a dynamic balance between the factual elements of his subjects and a free flowing and spontaneous rendering with light and atmosphere. He believes that watercolour can be a highly expressive medium, ideal for creating subtle and unified compositions and also capable of great depth and tonal range.

Andrew moved to Rye in 2001 and now devotes his time to painting the local area. Together with his partner Liz Butt, he owns and manages The Fountain Gallery at Hampton Court where he also paints the local area. He is a member of the prestigious Rye Society of Artists.

The exhibition runs from Wednesday November 28 to Monday December 10. The gallery is open from 11am to 5pm every day except Tuesday.

Further information about Andrew and his painting can be found on his website or by emailing him at andrewblythrye@hotmail.co.uk. 

Source: Red Door Gallery.

Image Credits: Red Door Gallery .

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