Look out for The Looker


Sabotage, the UK’s last horse-drawn theatre company will bring its new play to the Rye Creative Centre on Friday July 21.  The Looker uses puppets, masks and live music to tell the story of a normal woman who leaves her job in a call centre and embarks on a surreal journey away from technology and the pressures of modern life.

A horse drawn theatre company

If it is anything like their previous play “Owlers”, performed in various local venues in 2015, it will be a unique and exciting occasion. Sabotage deliberately plays in out-of-the-way spots including “lost villages”.

Television historian and presenter Dr Matthew Green, who has appeared on BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel 4, said of the show: “From the Outer Hebrides to the cliffs of Dover, Britain is peppered with thousands of lost villages, once-thriving rural communities now sunk into grassy or watery oblivion. Now, a horse-drawn troupe of players plans to sweep through Sussex and Kent, performing lively plays in ghost villages and resurrecting the rich oral culture that once flourished there. It’s an inspiring way of bringing some of the south-east’s deserted medieval villages back to life at a time when many of our own rural and coastal communities are threatened by the destruction of traditional village life.”

For details of the shows in Rye, Fairfield, Snargate and elsewhere and for tickets visit Sabotage’s website.

Photo: Rye News Library

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